Our Commitments

Enhancing care for individuals

For each brand, each product, Novatis Group strives to improve the care provided to each individual, from infants to seniors.


Our products comply with the strictest manufacturing and control processes, without any controversial materials.
(2 million tests per year)


Our products are subject to strict hygiene controls, which have proved their worth, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis.


Our products are acclaimed by our consumers, who have made our brands the leaders in their categories.

Enhancing care for communities

Since 2003, Novatis Group has built an integrated ecosystem, with the idea of always better serving our consumers. In regular and peak production, Novatis Group has integrated logistics chains, and a specific treatment of distribution networks.

Our Consumers

Permanent listening through consumer studies, point of sale surveys, consultations and conversations on our platforms.

Our employees

Novatis Group has built its HR policy on the idea of fulfillment as a source of performance. A specific capacity building, continuing education and skills development program is provided for all of our employees. In Morocco and elsewhere, Novatis Group oversees the development of employability, careers and local talent.

Our distributors

It is thanks to them that we maintain direct contact with our consumers: our logisticians, deliverers and network of partner merchants have talent, and Novatis Group gives them back. Each year, Novatis Group demonstrates its recognition to its entire ecosystem, during special events.